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Square Barrel

Practical and stylish

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Practical and low cost

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Vantos Lapas

Elegant and comfortable

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so many options!

Baltic Sauna Pods

We're super excited to be importing these outdoor garden pods from our trusted supplier in Lithuania. The 30 strong team have been building saunas for 30 years and we have checked out the spec and think it looks great!

This is a new collaboration (as of November 2022) and we can provide special prices on our first few units as we develop our processes (ie. bear with us on some of processes as we set up!)

The construction is 42mm thick spruce - which provides all the insulation you need. Layouts can be customised for no extra cost - and any bespoke feature request can be considered. There are more styles available to see on their website

These units can also be provided fixed to a trailer if you need a mobile unit.

Prices start at £5000 plus transport - and we will are currently working on simplifying the import process and paperwork.

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