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Mobile Sauna Hire

Wild Spa in nature - the soft warmth and steam of a wood fired sauna, cool plunge into a fresh water pool, connect with the earth and emerge renewed and refreshed. That post-sauna bliss feeling is both energising and relaxing.

Festivals, retreats, sporting events, sailing regatta, swimming meet, hen-do, stag-do, wedding, birthday, anniversary.... a sauna adds a touch of fun, recovery and wellbeing to any event! 

It can be a great place for people to connect, relax or unwind. This is a communal space that people can't wait to share.
Wood-fired, and totally of-grid - the sauna can be placed in nature, with only a flat base and hard ground access required.
As co-founder of Beach Box Brighton, Wild-Spa Wowo and Stanmer Sauna Garden and the UKs eminent sauna master, I have in-depth understanding of creating a pop-up experience that is both practically set-up and creates a gorgeous sauna/spa experience.
Price Guide (we will customise each quote)
Including delivery area of Brighton + 5 miles
Sauna, wood for stove, cleaning kit, plunge bath, buckets, hose.
1 day | £750
Weekend (Sat & Sun)| £950
Week | £1500

Optional Extras
Cleaning £50
Bell tent Changing Room (including pitching and packing) £250
Spa extras (water jug/cups, body scrubs, lockable desk) £50

For enquiries and bookings
email or call 07846908256

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