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Wild Spa Wowo

Wild Spa Wowo combines nature connection with a delicious spa experience that leaves you feeling relaxed, connected and nurtured.

The space is offered for reconnecting to the body, finding moments for joy, peace and gathering so you leave the space uplifted and nourished. A skilled and caring team of wellbeing practitioners are key in creating the gorgeous nurturing environment.

Bringing sweat bathing treatments, practices and rituals from around the world, you can be assured to have a high quality hot/cold experience that will likely incorporate something you’ve never tried before.

The team delight in creating amazing well-being experiences and caring for everyone whom comes seeking retreat in our forest sanctuary.

Built in 2021/22 it not incorporates a yoga deck, sauna and steam rooms, private whisking room, hot bucket showers and hammocks in the trees... come to connect to your wild nature..

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